Aesthetic Treatments

As time moves forward, we seek ways to reverse the clock and retain our youthfulness and beauty. Yet, we want a solution that’s not only effective but also non-invasive and safe, with minimal discomfort. Tixel® treatments meet the growing demand for reversing photoaging, which leads to more youthful, revitalized skin.

Novoxel’s proprietary systems use patented Thermo-Mechanical Action (TMA®) technology for patients of all skin types, all year round. With almost 30 peer-reviewed publications on a variety of conditions, Tixel systems provide clinical efficacy with minimal side effects and low downtime.

Instead of expensive, single-use cartridges, every Tixel system self-disinfects between every pulse. This reduces side effects while remaining cost effective.

Our newest system delivers the same impressive clinical results you have enjoyed from the previous generations of Tixel systems. And now, there is even more to love!

  • New features

    • Now you can connect 2 handpieces at the same time so you can quickly treat large areas (such as face, neck, chest) and then switch to the pre-warmed handpiece to treat around the eyes or other precision areas.

    • The handpiece offers 25% longer tip life that our previous generation system.

  • Easier

    • New software allows for rapid, successive pulses to speed up treatment sessions with less operator fatigue.

    • New on-screen notifications make it easier to see the system status.

  • Faster

    • Shorter time for warm-up, disinfection, and cool-down.

    • Use one handpiece while the other is warming or cooling.

Results of Fractional Rejuvenation with Tixel

Our compact workhorse: Tixel C®

  • With the same clinical effectiveness and safety as our new Tixel 2, the Tixel C is an economical option for boutique medical spas

  • Lightweight and portable, the system is perfect for clinicians who travel to more than one office

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