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Novoxel® was founded in 2011 with the mission to transform fractional skin rejuvenation via treatments that are innovative for both the clinician and patients. Our close partnership with the medical community, including leading physicians on our advisory panel, drives us toward this vision. Our TMA® technology stands out as a patient-friendly, green, and versatile solution for fractional skin resurfacing, backed by safety demonstrated in clinical studies. Presently, our patented products and technology are available in over 50 countries globally. We are committed to reshaping the medicine by continuously developing novel solutions and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our work.

Novoxel Ltd. , known for its innovative technology, dedicates significant resources to R&D and Intellectual Property (IP) protection. IP protection is vital to Novoxel's mission of enhancing aesthetic dermatologic treatments for patients and doctors. We implement a robust global IP strategy and the products featured on our website are protected by patents and/or designs, with additional IP protections issued or pending.

Innovation you can depend on

Quality Management

Novoxel is committed to Quality

  • We are certified and operate under a Quality Management system which complies with ISO 13485:2016 for design, manufacture and customer support.

  • We are certified and regulated under the Medical Device Regulation, EU Quality Management System Certificate - MDR 725869

  • Our family of products comply with additional local regulations in the countries where they are marketed.


Our trademarks are becoming well-recognized around the world.

The following trademarks are registered by Novoxel Ltd.:

  • Novoxel

  • Tixel

  • Tixel C

  • Tixel 2

  • Thermo-Mechanical Action

  • TMA

  • MezoTix

Patents & Designs

We continue to innovate and have been granted over 65 patents around the world.

The following are the patents and designs for the USA:

  • US 9,402,678 B2

  • US 10,327,832 B2

  • US 10,702,328 B2

  • US 11,083,515 B2

  • US 11,291,498 B2

  • US 11,439,455 B2

  • D903132 S

  • D903133 S

Global Presence

Founded in 2011, Novoxel has expanded to new serve the worldwide demand:

  • Worldwide HQ:

    • Netanya, Israel

  • Europe HQ

    • 2014: Novoxel GmbH

    • Berlin, Germany

  • Asia/Pacific HQ

    • 2022: Novoxel KK

    • Tokyo, Japan

  • USA HQ:

    • 2024: Novoxel Inc.

    • Knoxville, Tennessee

Meet Our Team

Our US-based management team collectively possess over 7 decades of industry experience. Their shared goal is to redefine the fractional skin rejuvenation and medical laser device market, expand Novoxel's footprint and play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of the US market.

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Lee Pannell

President and COO

Lee Pannell was recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive for his dedicated work in the Medical Supply field. He has additionally created and patented two FDA-approved surgical instruments used to help burn victims in their healing process. Issued in 2007 and 2020, the first patented method uses laser energy and RF energy for cosmetic skin procedures; the second patent is for a method of creating micro ablated channels in skin, treating subsurface tissue.

Mr. Pannell attributes his achievements to helping others discover their vision in order to create a strong network of industry connections. In the future, he looks forward to expanding his base of connections and expanding the company. Talented in multiple fields, Mr. Pannell has written a number of articles about laser treatments and an article about business travel.

On a personal note, he helps wounded and disabled veterans through charities and organizations, including volunteering on Pearl Harbor day. He has been the Foundation Director of Casa de la Esperanza since 2005, where he manages a non-profit orphanage. Dedicated to his community, he also served on the Board of Directors of Center of Light Knoxville, which assists refugees, and Hope Central, which provides safe spaces for teens and young adults in need. Mr. Pannell enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren.


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Jeff Knight

VP Sales

Executive turnaround leader in the medical device industry covering aesthetics and various surgical specialties. Expertise in executing winning sales and marketing strategies and tactics, market analysis and penetration, cross-functional department leadership, business turnaround and building, sales team training/coaching, and national distribution.

VP Sales

Our Products

The Future of Skin Technology

Leveraging our exclusive Thermo-Mechanical Action technology
(TMA®), Tixel® seamlessly integrates heat and motion.

Utilizing a medical-grade, in situ sterile titanium tip, it delicately administers pure natural heat to the skin, ensuring safe progression towards noticeable outcomes. Tixel accommodates all skin types and an extensive range of aesthetic and medical procedures, supported by patented non-invasive technology
and validated clinical outcomes featured in numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Versatile, user-friendly, and ergonomically designed, Tixel® proves ideal for clinics of varying sizes and multi-site practices alike.

Tixel Handpieces

The large tip consists of a 9x9 array of tiny pyramids, while the small tip is a 4x6 array. The heated pyramids are blunt and do not pierce the skin.

When the trigger is activated, the tip moves forward to make brief contact with the skin. This creates a matrix of discrete, hemispherical coagulation zones. The resulting biochemical activity stimulates cytokines, neocollagenesis, and a cascade of rejuvenating effects.

Tixel C transfers pure heat to the skin quickly and safely by very brief contact. The thermal effect induces renewal of epidermal cells and regeneration of collagen in the dermis.

The compact device is perfect for clinicians who travel between academic centers and their clinics.

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