Advancing Skin Technology

As the world progresses, our approach to reimagining aesthetic treatments must also advance.

We don't just want evolution;

we require a revolution.

Skin Rejuvenation

with Tixel®

  • Quick and effective

  • Non-invasive, no bleeding

  • Easy to use and delegate

  • No expensive cartridges

  • Choose whether you want a series of gentle "spa" treatments or a single treatment with higher settings

Motion and Heat: the Ultimate Combination

We've developed an innovative, technology called TMA® that utilizes the forces found in nature for a distinctive treatment approach that's more environmentally friendly and sustainable. By blending heat and motion, TMA® rejuvenates and heals the skin safely, without invasive procedures, delivering effective results.

Our Future is

Your Future

We are always conducting research to expand the application of our unique Thermo-Mechanical Action. Multiple clinical studies are currently underway around the world.

Stay tuned for future developments.

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